Welcome to The Magic Kit!

My name is Katalin and I perform and create magic across the world. At the age of five, stumbling upon a Magic Kit in my grandma’s attic is when I discovered the secret world of magic. You can learn more about me on my personal site at misskatalin.com.

When Murphy’s Magic (largest wholesaler of magic) contacted me about reviewing some of their products, I was very honored. Inspired by my own story, I quickly created TheMagicKit.com (where you are right now) to be a place where I can post all my review related writings and videos.

Magic is truly an enchanted art form that (thanks for the internet) now anybody with the right mindset and the motivation in their heart can learn. There are very easy and sometimes self-working effects. There are props/ideas/routines that might require intermediate, or of course, advanced knowledge.

I noticed, most reviews and online magic communities present their comments to the professional magician in mind. However, I’ve found during my travelings, there are lot’s of people who enjoy learning and performing magic, just for fun, but their livelihood doesn’t depend on it. Therefore, my goal is to demystify some of the secrets, expressions, and jargon, for everybody to equally process and understand. I hope with my reviews, you can match the correct type of effects or routines that you are looking for, and that you can learn, and perform.

Most people think of harsh criticism when they hear the word “review”.  It is usually done by a person who doesn’t necessarily have much to do with the craft that they are reviewing/criticizing (meaning no previous work, knowledge and years of trials and errors). This place is completely opposite to that type of mentality.

I’m not a magic historian or a librarian. I created my own methods and concepts, due to the lack of magic related information in my country when I was growing up. Still, I’m confident that I can help you learn as much info as possible about a specific marketed magic product before you make a decision of purchasing anything.

Also, I’m NOT getting paid to market or say anything good about any product by anyone. I think this is very important for you to know. I simply love magic and I’m interested in receiving/opening/writing about magic products when I have the time. I pick the products that I already like the most, therefore, my goal is not to criticize a creator or a fellow thinker, but to show you my favorite finds. I’m here to help you discover the secret world of magic, like I did when I found my very first Magic Kit.

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