Made by / The United States Playing Card Company / Unboxing

Unboxing PARQUET playing cards

When I purchased these Parquet decks, I had no idea how “underground” they really are! I can’t even send you a link where you can buy these, or at least I had no luck finding a source. As far as I understand, these are Walmart exclusive, where I actually found them a few weeks ago, but they are not on or, making it difficult to actually track down. They only had these 2 left in the store, so I grabbed them, and wow.. I’m so in love with these cards! I hope that the subtle color difference come through the video, because I absolutely love this idea! I love love love the back design, I especially love the full color that extends to the very end (super perfect for some effects that I’m working with right now – I even took some pix for you in the video where I reversed a card in the deck), and the faces are just simply lovely! I think the designer totally nailed this deck, and they did a great job producing them as well. Love how they handle! ♡


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