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Perfect Sense by Daniel Hiew

Thank you for everyone who entered the April giveaway! I will keep you posted about the May giveaway soon!

April giveaway winner:

what: card routine
effect: prediction
type of magic: strolling, close-up
skill level: beginner
item: download
instructions: 27 min
language: English (no subtitles)
angle: 360º


  • download
  • table needed
  • full routine
  • preset
  • examinable
  • sleight-of-hand (if any.. depends on your presentation)
  • self working
  • audience participation


  • force
  • DIY
  • extra expense
  • light or angle sensitive

Perfect Sense by Daniel Hiew
price: $9.95
where to buy: at your favorite online magic shop
check out online at Murphy’s Magic Supplies


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