Anomaly by Michael Scanzello

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February giveaway winner:

what: 5 card routines
effect: card morph
type of magic: strolling, close-up
skill level: beginner to intermediate
items: booklet, special cards for both red and blue bicycle, 2 gimmicks, and 3 video downloads
instructions: 90 minutes
language: English (no subtitles)
angle: 360º


  • DIY
  • ready to go
  • props and gimmick provided
  • full routine
  • audience participation
  • performance front of audience demonstrated
  • preset
  • examinable
  • easy to do
  • any language


  • sleight-of-hand
  • magnets or strings
  • table required
  • palming

Anomaly by Michael Scanzello
price: $24.95
where to buy: at your favorite magic shop


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