Plots & Methods by Michal Kociolek

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what: 4 full card routines
type of magic: strolling, close-up
skill level: beginner
item: booklet
instructions: 43 pages
language: English
angle: 360º


All In:The performer tests his luck and triumphantly “traps” the spectator’s thought of card between the two Jokers under impossible conditions“.

Quick preset using a regular deck of cards. Present this to 4 or 5 spectators, and at least one of them should be seated at a non-see-through table.

Lucky You:A chosen card is found at a position established by randomly chosen numbers“.

Preset optional, but this routine also uses a regular deck of cards. Have three blank pieces of papers, something to write with and five spectators.

R.M.:In a ‘locked-room mystery’ fashion, a thought-of card vanishes from a packet of twelve picture cards held by the spectator and ends up in a sealed envelope that has been in sight the entire time“.

Little prep needed, uses an opaque envelope and one spectator.

Three + One:An amazing coincidence happens between the performer and the two spectators after numerous random decisions“.

Requires the most setup, as this routine based on spelling, but it also uses a regular deck of cards, and two card boxes.

*BONUS – Polish Poker Stacking:This pseudo-riffle stacking demonstration will convince your audience that you’re a sleight-of-hand expert and the Devil himself. It allows you to seamlessly stack a Royal Flush in just two riffle shuffles. Moments later, you ‘up the ante’ and stack (with one shuffle) the strongest hand of a merely thought-of poker rank“.

This routine requires you to have the specially made “Polish Poker” cards and one spectator, but “the more the merrier“.


  • preset
  • full routines
  • table needed
  • card magic
  • audience participation


  • DIY
  • advanced sleight-of-hand
  • extra expense

Plots & Methods by Michal Kociolek
price: $25
where to buy: at your favorite magic shop
check out online at Murphy’s Magic Supplies



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