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Blankrupt by Josh Janousky

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what: special prop
type of magic: strolling, close-up
skill level: intermediate to advanced
item: props and download
instructions: 20 minutes
language: English (no subtitles)
DIY: no
angle: 180º (depends on your handling)
examinable: yes


  • fast moving explanation
  • sleight-of-hand skill required
  • perform as a quick visual OR build a full routine
  • you must register to Vanishing inc in order to download your instructions
  • Available in two styles: Thin Strip (8.5mm – USA and Canada cards) and Thick Strip (13.5mm Rest of world)


  • DIY
  • light sensitive
  • extra expense
  • full routine taught
  • live or studio performance included

Blankrupt by Josh Janousky
price: $25
where to buy: at your favorite magic shop
check out online at Murphy’s Magic Supplies




One thought on “Blankrupt by Josh Janousky

  1. I might seem like the guy who seeks attention or replies by posting comments on YT & here. May be I might be that guy.
    commenting this time to ask you not to get disheartened or discouraged by the number of views or likes on the video. The world need more female magicians doing things like this.
    Plus why I have not seen you on Penn & Teller fool us as yet? Your gloves act deserves TV exposure I’m sure you must be knowing how one go to such show


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