Winner’s Dice by Secret Factory

Easy to use, flexible and sure-fire forcing dice, where the outcome can be controlled during your routine!



what: special tool

type of magic: close-up

skill level: beginner

item: one dice, gimmicks and carrying pouch (downloadable video instruction)

language: English speaking, no subtitles

DIY: no (I would mark my gimmick for easy presets)

reset time: 3 sec to set your selected number

angle: 360º

examinable: yes

international (can be performed in any language?): yes

extra expense: no (you probably already have what is needed, like a drinking cup..)

maintenance: none, but troubleshooting included in the instructional video

the instructions::

on the 29min long downloadable video (link and password on a piece of card inside box) 943.6MB (English speaking, no subtitles):

  • Intro
  • What will you receive
  • How to use it (setting up your dice, multiple different demonstrations of setting up different numbers)
  • Hide the gimmick (one idea how to hide the secret. no DIY required)
  • Use almost any holder (demonstration of using different drinking cups)
  • Hide the other gimmick (smart ideas how to change force number during your performance)
  • About the routines (double prediction routine, mind reading effect, and mentalism routine ideas)
  • Things you need to know 1 (fail proof notes to guarantee a successful outcome, reset the device)
  • Things you need to know 2 (more about the gimmicks, how to store and setup)

additional thoughts::

There is a very important info missing from the instructions, which are the directions of your gimmicks. You must figure this out (which is not difficult at all, and should take you little time), and mark your gimmicks accordingly, otherwise your dice would not work properly. My tip is to test it, mark it, remember it, set it the right way, and you will be good to go. Also, I missed seeing a presentation front of an audience, but the uncut instructions will show you how the dice would work 100% correctly all the time (even under conditions that the creator would not recommend).

Winner’s Dice by Secret Factory
Price: $39.95
Check out online at Murphy’s Magic Shop

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★★ 3/3
Handling ★★★ 3/3
Instructions ★★☆ 2/3

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