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Deep Clear by Paul Harris

Simply brilliant, impossible prediction routine for the card workers, that’s more than just “another card trick!”



what: prediction card routine with a special wallet (new solution to PH’s Deep Astonishment)

type of magic: strolling, close-up

skill level: intermediate

item: special wallet, deck of cards (downloadable instructions and PDFs)

language: English speaking, no subtitles

DIY: yes (writing the letters to the back of the cards)

reset time: few seconds (I would do it privately, as you need to reset both the wallet and the deck of cards)

angle: about 180º

examinable: no

international (can be performed in any language?): yes

extra expense: no (but you will need a fat sharpie to mark the cards)

maintenance: care for your wallet over time, touch up instructions are given


the instructions::

on the 36min long downloadable video (link and password inside the lid of the packaging) 1.63GB (English speaking, and some written notes during the video):

  • Intro (by Shaun Jay: Your instructor)
  • Performance (heavily edited, casual studio demonstration)
  • What you get
  • Customize your deck (writing the letters on the cards)
  • The setup
  • Explanation (from exposed and audience view as well)
  • Exposed view (from the beginning to the end, fluid presentation without talking)
  • Reset (simple reset, no talking presentation, but easy to understand)
  • Plunger rise tips (demonstrates the moves once again, trouble shooting ideas)
  • No plunger-rise version
  • Word tips (about the chosen words, scripting, outs and reminders)
  • Reactions (advice on how the performer should act at the end of the routine)
  • Care and feeding (how to take care of your props over time)
  • Last minute wonderful-yet-obvious wallet discovery (another way of handling the wallet)


  • more ideas on handling, timing and body language
  • psychology

Extra videos:

  • An exciting Deep Clear Option by Dave Loosley and Alakazam Magic (a 3:30min long awesome presentation idea)
  • Explanation by Dave Loosley (must watch original Deep Clear instructions first)

additional thoughts:

I really like the concept behind Deep Clear, it’s an interesting idea, however, I didn’t care for the instruction of the handling and the routine that is taught. I was also missing an actual performance of this effect. However, there are extra PDF and videos to download where you can learn a fantastic and fun performance by magician, Dave Loosley, with added ideas from Peter Nardi. This could be helpful if you are not as creative when it comes to building routines or combining moves and ideas with cards. Either way, I really like this project and the amount of work and continuous improvement that went into it.


Deep Clear by Paul Harris
Price: $39.95
Check out online at Murphy’s Magic Shop

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★★ 3/3
Handling ★★★ 3/3
Instructions ★★★ 3/3

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2 thoughts on “Deep Clear by Paul Harris

  1. Just came here to appreciate the written reviews. Do you use technology in some way in your performances like an app or something? If yes then what can you recommend me to look into? I can certainly recommend you wikitest


    • I actually don’t use any apps or technology based effects during my performances, sorry.. but I will check out wikitest!
      If you have any recommendation regarding my blog, please let me know! 🙂 Thank you!


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