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Good Intuition by Bernardo Sedlacek

A wonderful hands-off card control, filled with exciting methodologies from the masterminds of magic. Bernardo took a mind-blowing classic to the next level!

what: hands off card control method

type of magic: close-up, strolling

skill level: advanced

item: downloadable video

language: English speaking, no subtitles

DIY: no

reset time: few sec

angle: 360º

examinable: yes

international (can be performed in any language?): yes

extra expenses: no

maintenance: no

the instructions:

on the 56min long downloadable video:

  • Performance // uncut
  • Explanation // handling, methodology on magic, the details and their importance, explaining the “Spanish method of school”, the importance of “naturality” and more..

additional thoughts:

I recommend this interesting project to the advanced card workers, especially the ones who only carry one deck of un-gimmicked cards with them! Bernando will give you an information-filled lecture video with moves, and methodology from him and other creators. Because the nature of his teaching is extremely fast and not quite detailed enough, I feel that advanced card workers would have an easier time in understanding and going with his pace. Because the effect is exactly the same from the audience point of view as “Triple Intuition”, I recommend you to check out the original routine from Dani DaOrtiz, which uses no difficult sleights and the special deck of cards does all the work for you, if you are an intermediate card worker. However, it is fascinating to study Bernando’s version, where he uses a borrowed deck of cards with brief presets at the beginning of his routine.


Good Intuition by Bernardo Sedlacek
Price: $14.95
Check out online at Murphy’s Magic
Where to buy: at your favorite magic shop

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★★ 3/3
Handling ★★★ 3/3
Instructions ★★☆ 2/3

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