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In a Flash by Felix Bodden



what: quick visual effect

type of magic: strolling, close-up (TV rights not included)

item: DVD, gimmick material (enough gimmick material to build multiple sets)

skill level: beginner

DIY: yes

DIY time claimed: 20 min (it was 32min for me)

reset time claimed: 5 sec (accurate)

angle: 360º

extra expense: no

the instructions::

on the 30min long DVD:

  • In a Flash trailer
  • introduction (by Herman from SansMinds)
  • live performance (performance on the street, surrounded)
  • secret section (how does the gimmick works, studio demonstration)
  • gimmick construction (studio presentation of how to create your special card from start to finish. No speaking, only english subtitles, which is nice.)
  • the handling (clear, easy to understand instructions by Herman)
  • final thoughts
  • list of other SansMinds products
  • credits

In a Flash (DIY) by Felix Bodden
Price: $24.99
Check out online at Murphy’s Magic
Where to buy: at your favorite magic shop

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★★ 3/3
Handling ★★★ 3/3
Instructions ★★★ 3/3

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6 thoughts on “In a Flash by Felix Bodden

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