Spiraled by Jimmy Strange

Spiraled Sharpie is unexpected and twisted, literally!


what: special prop, plus 4 routine ideas

type of magic: close-up, strolling

items: twisted Sharpie (fully working), gimmick material

skill level: intermediate

DIY: yes (optional)

DIY time: 3-8 min (really easy)

reset time: few seconds (depends on the chosen routine and method)

angle: 90º – 180º (depending on the routine)

extra expense: yes (about $2 – $15)

the instructions::

on the 27min long downloadable video:

  • Introduction (what you receive in the packaging, how was Spiraled created?)
  • Set up (attaching the gimmick, set up for performance)
  • Vanishing the sharpie (handling)
  • Routine 1 – business card twist (using magician’s business card)
  • Routine 2 – mental heat (using magician’s or borrowed lighter)
  • Routine 3 – flash twist (using flash-paper)
  • Routine 4 – Lubor’s lens twist (using Lubor’s lens)

what I was missing:

  • presentation of the routines in front of an audience
  • how to preset the sharpies during performance situation
  • angle management, advice on misdirection
  • handling demonstrated standing up, mimicking actual performance

additional thought:

I was bummed to see noticeable scratch marks on the sharpie prop. I believe, it was accidentally made by the creator during the “twisting” process, however I feel that my audience will notice that damage. I hope that the only thing my spectators will see is the twist on the sharpie. My advice to you: If your Spiraled sharpie marker arrives with deep scratches as well, I recommend you to simply scratch your “normal” sharpie (an maybe even casually point it out during your performance), so your audience will feel that it’s the same sharpie that was just twisted right in front of their eyes.

SPIRALED by Jimmy Strange
Price: $15.95
Check out online at Murphy’s Magic
Where to buy: at your favorite magic shop

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★☆ 2/3
Handling ★☆☆ 1/3
Instructions ★☆☆ 1/3

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One thought on “Spiraled by Jimmy Strange

  1. I wonder if you order it again if it would have scratches. Do you think the material makes scratches easier t happen. Also do you like how it comes pretwisted or would you rather it come not twisted?


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