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Meet the Jack by Jorge Garcia

watch and learn a full mentalism show!


what: 8 mentalism routines

type of magic: stand-up or stage

item: DVD and PDF

skill level: beginner

extra expense: yes (every day items that you can easily purchase, or you already have in your home, like paper, notepad and pens.)

the instructions::

on the 2h and 46min long DVD:

  • One Head (also on PDF) – 7min long routine where the magician uses help from an audience member who comes on stage. This spectator will pick 3 members from the audience. Each person has to think of a random thing that the magician wrote down on pieces of paper. Each of course fails, and magician crumbles up the paper after each guess. However, after all 3 tries, the helping spectator on stage, who has been holding onto all 3 crumbled up paper now opens them up and sees that each written word on the paper were correct, matching up to the random words that the 3 randomly picked spectators thought of.
  • To Lovecraft (also on PDF) – 9min long book prediction. After the examination of a book, a randomly selected word will be predicted, written on a piece of paper, and sealed inside two envelopes. After confirming the randomly selected page where the word was selected from, we discover that the actual page is missing from the book. The torn out page is discovered inside a sealed envelope that the spectator was sitting on during the entire routine. At the end, the magician gives away the book as a gift.
  • L-Mental (also on PDF) – 7min long routine. A rock-paper-scissor game played by 3 spectators from the audience and the outcome is successfully predicted by the magician, written down, sealed inside an envelope that was held by someone in the audience in the entire time.
  • Project Fear (also on PDF) – 6min long routine. Collection of “fears” written down by audience members from previous shows on different pieces of papers. A spectator is selected, who takes a blank piece of paper, writes down his own fear and mixes it with the other pieces of paper with the other fears written on, and places all of this inside an envelope. A magician now successfully predicts the spectators written down fear without ever looking, touching or even going near the paper or the envelope.
  • A Think and Stop Card Trick (also on PDF) – 7min long routine. A random card is selected by a spectator from a shuffled deck and later on is found by the magician using some random numbers from the audience and the spectator.
  • Blindfold Act (also on PDF) – 3 spectator from the audience choose a card each. All 3 are successfully found by the magician while he is blind folded during the full routine.
  • Mind Track (also on PDF) – A random card is selected by a spectator from a deck of cards. Without knowing this card, the spectator has to scribble on a piece of paper. Magician points out, that the spectator random scribble actually hides the selected card. Indeed, it’s a match.
  • Haunted Key – a key is presented by the magician. When a spectator concentrates on her private question in her mind, the key starts to slowly move on the open palm of the magician.

additional thoughts:

I had a hard time looking at the “show” part of the DVD. I feel that the performance could have been much stronger, because the methods described are very powerful on this DVD. It might be due to English not being Jorge’s first language. So, if you feel the same way when watching the video, don’t be discouraged! Jorge Garcia’s ideas are really great!


Meet the Jack by Jorge Garcia
Price: $30
Check out online at Murphy’s Magic
Where to buy: at your favorite magic shop

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★★ 3/3
Handling ★★★ 3/3
Instructions ★★★ 3/3

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