Moneymorphosis by Dallas Fueston and Jason Bird

Beautifully mesmerizing animation that anyone can easily perform

I had the fortune to witness this great animation effect in person demonstrated by Jason Bird, and I have to tell you, MoneyMorphosis looks exactly as incredible up close as in the promo video (if not better). Ever since that day, MoneyMorphosis was on my wishlist to review from Murphy’s! So, here it is now! Let’s look at this mesmerizing effect by Jason Bird and Dallas Fueston!


A borrowed and signed bill unexpectedly becomes animated by starting to move on the performer’s arms, like his “pet caterpillar”! He then displays the dollar bill again freely and places it into his palm. This time the caterpillar (bill) gently starts to fold itself into a butterfly origami! As a beautiful finale, the performer perches his butterfly on the tip of his finger (as it slowly moves his wings) before handing it back to the spectator.

the packaging::

Well designed paper box packaging that you could re-use to store your special prop inside if you choose.

skill level/handling::

This is a truly easy magic effect that anybody can master in no time! Of course, the better performer you are, the more you can bring out of this beautiful effect!

the props/gimmick::

The special prop is high quality, from Europe, and will last you for plenty of performances (if not forever, depending on the way you choose to present this effect.)

the instructions::

You will find a white card besides the “special prop”. Following the link and entering the password written on that card, you will be able to access:

Downloadable PDF template!

Downloadable 30 min video instructions, including:

  • promo video of the effect
  • full performance
  • folding instructions (using the downloadable template)
  • prepping the bill
  • setup
  • performing with the borrowed bill
  • bonus handling
  • credits

additional thoughts:

Get it while you can! I’m not kidding.

Moneymorphosis by Dallas Fueston and Jason Bird
Price: $20.00
Check out online at Murphy’s Magic Shop

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★★ 3/3
Handling ★★★ 3/3
Instructions ★★★ 3/3

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