Imagination Box by Olivier Pont

The Close-Up Magicians way to turn their vision into reality

I was instantly intrigued when seeing Imagination Box in action! The first thing that came to mind is that it’s a close-up type of effect that a grand illusionist would perform. A drawing of a lady turns into reality! Amazing restorations, appearing object, and visual transformations! You can now do all of that, up close, with Imagination Box. Instead using a large stage, create a “platform” on your card box, and present your visual ideas right there, on the go!

I like any effect that can be personalized to fit your show and style! I also love that there is no “dirty” movement, the magic just happens up-close, right in front of your audience. Imagination Box is created by french magician, Olivier Pont, and you can make up your own set(s) in no time! Let’s take a closer look!


Draw an image on a piece of paper that is resting on the card box. Cover it for a sec, and now your drawing has turned into the actual, 3D object! That is one thing that you can do! Or, you can also place a torn up card onto your “platform” that you can instantly restore in a second! But, there is more! You can magically change what you wrote on your card box, you can appear or vanish objects, change the value of a bill, etc. You are only limited by your imagination. You can then remove your cards from inside the card box, and follow with your favorite card effect, if you like.

the packaging::

A size of a cd case, this effect comes inside a paper box, including the necessary items needed to build your gimmick, (2 different gimmicks actually), plus the password for the video instructions!

skill level/handling::

No special skill required to learn and perform this visual treat! The handling and the performance have to be practiced (just like everything else in magic), but it’s very simple and self explanatory. Playing around in front of the mirror, checking your angles, and getting use to the handling, I would say, you can take this effect on the road right away.

the props/gimmick::

Fine quality gimmick materials included, that would give you 2 different types of variations. Version one is drawing on a white “platform”, version two is when magic happens directly on the innocent card box. I love that you can just erase the image, thanks to the special dry/erase paper that is provided, and basically you are preset for the next performance. Building shouldn’t take longer than 30 min, but I recommend you to watch the video fully, before you start building your gimmick, just to make sure you fully understand the concept behind this effect, and the proper function of the gimmick. Some refills required over time, but Olivier gives you information on how to replace those parts without purchasing the effect again.

the instructions::

The downloadable video file that you can get through Murphy’s website is 30 – 34min long, and you can pick the English or the French video instructions. There is also a downloadable image that will show you a picture of the gimmick to give you a clean understanding of how you have to build it correctly. It is Olivier himself who is explaining and teaching you Imagination Box.

Downloadable video instructions includes:

What’s inside the box – getting familiar with your gimmick material

“Fabrication” – what else you might need, and let’s build your gimmick(s)

Testing – the gimmicks

Possibilities – marked torn-and-restored card effect, producing-object ideas

Presentation – with detailed explanation. How to set up for performance and proper handling presented with 2 different ideas.

additional thoughts:

Overall, I really enjoyed learning and creating this effect. My advice to you is to take whatever tools you need in order to build your gimmick, and make sure you truly understand ahead of time what you are about to build. The provided material is enough for exactly 2 gimmicks, so make sure, you know what you are doing. And just because the video suggest to use certain tools, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use more things to help you build your gimmick fast and efficiently. I hope this will help you! Oh, and extra material should’t be difficult to get, so no need to repurchase Imagination Box again. To recreate the gimmick, the parts cost me less than $5 and would last me numerous years to keep my gimmick in tip-top condition. If you are a creative one, you will really like this utility device! I do recommend it!

Imagination Box by Olivier Pont
Price: $29.95
Check out online at Murphy’s Magic Shop

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★★ 3/3
Handling ★★★ 3/3
Instructions ★★☆ 2/3

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