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Fortuity by David Jonathan

This is a very smart routine that you will be performing in no time!

After 3 years of development and 4 prototype decks later, Fortuity was born! Years of fine-tuning, changing things around, adding little subtleties, it’s now ready to be shared with the world! This is a very smart routine that you will be performing in no time!


Well thought out, full routine as follows:

A rainbow deck of cards is presented to your audience, freely showing each card front and back, they are all assembled from different decks of cards. Your audience can examine and handle the cards before they roll two un-gimmicked dice! The task is to select a random back design and a random value from the deck. After the deck is shuffled, they have a choice of how they count their rolled out number. From the top or the bottom? A back design is selected and placed on the table. Repeating the moves again, a face value is selected. These 2 random cards that were selected are resting on the table. Each with a unique, one-of-a-kind back design, and a different face. Now the spectator opens up an envelope (that’s been sitting on the table throughout this whole routine), opens it up, and finds inside the perfect match of the card that has been created!

the packaging::

The box of Fortuity includes a beautiful, custom deck, two pretty dice, a well made envelope and a DVD with the video tutorial. This product is well packaged and props are protected.

skill level/handling::

Do not be fooled by the super easy handling, this effect is sure fire! Requires no sleight-of-hand, Fortuity is super easy to learn and to perform! Reset is very quick and simple.

the props/gimmick::

Beautifully well thought out props:

  • red/black dice with gold spots (un-gimmicked) handpicked by the creator to match the style of Fortuity
  • beautifully designed deck of cards, ready for performance! (prepared)
  • well made red envelope
  • note: no refills or extra expenses

the instructions::

High quality, easy to understand instructional DVD including detailed explanation, easy to follow handling and plenty of information to help you get started with this excellent routine!

1 hour DVD includes:

Performance – uncut performance of the whole routine for a spectator

Explanation – detailed presentation of each prop and basic handling of the effect. Plus: practice notes and tips.

Creator’s Handling – bonus tips and in depth explanation of whys and hows

Registering your Fortuity on Alakazam will give you additional handling tips, routines and new ideas and updates (for free)!


Fortuity by David Jonathan
Price: $37.25
Get yours now online at Alakazam

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★★ 3/3
Handling ★★★ 3/3
Instructions ★★★ 3/3

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