Dove Worker by C.Y

This will be a jewel of your dove work collection.

Here is a project for those who are serious about doing a flawless dove performance. In this well-crafted DVD lecture, you will learn from C.Y’s 10 years of experience. Dove Worker is created to guide all dove magicians to perform stronger magic, done in the right way.

the effect / routine::

During this simple instructional DVD you will see and learn the most popular classics of dove magic with Korean magician, C.Y’s added creativity.

the props / gimmick::

Dover Worker is a DVD. No props or gimmicks are included.

skill level / handling::

In order to perform any kind of dove magic using bags or harnesses, I recommend that you should already have an intermediate to advanced skill level. (If you have never done dove magic before, take a look at some professional props (dove pan, dove vanish, production bag) that will help you  produce or vanish your doves, so they are safe.)

the instructions::

Dove Worker DVD is presented in a theatrical way. This might be an exciting and inspiring way to get you into the dramatic role of a dove worker’s mind. On the DVD you can select between two languages,  English or Korean. Throughout the 210 min long DVD lecture there are brief instructional subtitles that can be read in both languages, so it doesn’t really matter which choice of language you make at the beginning of your journey. Rest assured, the 29 sequences you are about to learn are not just for quick video effects, but for real, live stage performances. All ideas are taught in a “watch my hands” kind of way, as C.Y will not talk at all during the DVD. The presentation is based on mime and pointing, showing the props, the how to’s, while background music plays throughout the full DVD. No actual live performance or uncut version of a full dove act is included. Let’s check out the menu, and what they are about:

  • Intro – read what we are about to learn and 3 things to keep in mind before we begin
  • Body System – Costume System, C.Y. Pocket System, Attaching Systems and Dove Bag Tip
  • Dove Bag – 21 different presentations
  • Trailer Sequence – 3 different dove productions from the trailer video
  • TIP – 8 tips about DYI’s, instant productions, latex dove and more
  • Trailer
  • Credit – A QR code that will take you to a website


<Dove Bag>
Dove Bag Setup (Level 1) – how to grab and place your dove into the bag, how to close and open bag
Basic Grip (Level 1) – how produce a dove from a silk using the dove bag
Witness Grip (Level 1) – how produce a dove from a silk using the dove bag
Killer Grip 1 (Level 1) – how produce a dove from a silk using the dove bag
Killer Grip 2 (Level 1) – how produce a dove from a silk using the dove bag
One Hand Grip C.Y Ver. (Level 1) – how produce a dove from a silk using the dove bag
Two Hand Grip 1 (Level 1) – how produce a dove from a silk using the dove bag
Two Hand Grip 2 (Level 1) – how produce a dove from a silk using the dove bag
Black and White Streamer (Level 1) – how to perform black and white streamer routine with kicker dove production at the end
Handkerchief with Dove (Level 1) – how produce a dove from a silk using the dove bag
Color Changing Rose (Level 2) – transform a red rose into a red silk. Produce a red rose and change it’s color to white. Turn white rose into white dove. 
Color Changing Silk (Level 2) – visually change a white silk into a red silk and produce a dove from it.
Egg Sequence (Level 2) – Dove “lays an egg” into your hand. Turn white egg into white silk. Produce white egg again and turn that into a white dove.
One Candle Sequence (Level 2) – Turn unlit candle into silk. Using this silk, produce candle and turn it into a dove.
Slow Appearing Candle C.Y Ver. (Level 2) – Remove lit match from the inside of your jacket. As moving your hand with match to a downward position, candle slowly appearing behind your grip. Light candle and turn lit match into silk. Touching silk to lit candle, there is a spark of fire from the silk followed buy an appearance of a dove.
Triple Color Change Cane (Level 2) – Change black cane to white cane with a production of a silk at the same time. Now turn white cane into red cane. Turn this red cane into two red silks and produce a dove from these two silks.
Twirling Card Sequence (Level 2) – Produce two white cards and turn one card into fan of cards. Turn fanned cards into white silk and produce fan of cards again. Turn these cards into a dove.
Three Candle Sequence by Hyun Joo Kim (Level 2) – Light candle and turn lit match into silk. Vanish and produce candle. Light candle again from one hand and produce it into other hand. Now quickly produce two more candles. Put down two candles, hold onto one and vanish it into silk. Produce dove from silk.
Two Dove Bag 1 (Level 3) – Present one large silk empty. Tie knot in the middle while holding onto silk with your mouth. Produce two doves from each side of silk as you remove silk from mouth.
Two Dove Bag 2 (Level 3) – Present a silk and tie a knot in the middle. Blowing on the silk makes the knot vanish and magically turns silk into two separate silks. Tossing silks into the air, they will magically get tied together by the corners. Grab this not into mouth and each hand holds onto one silk. Pulling the two silks apart, a dove appear from each separated silks now.
Two Dove Bag C.Y Ver. (Level 3) – Produce a silk and as you throw it into the air, another silk appears tied to it’s end. Grab a silk by each hand. Blowing and pulling on the knot will make this knot become loose, separating the two tied silks, and a dove appears from each silk unexpectedly.

Normal Dove Divide – Joseph Gabriel dove split.
C.Y Grip Dove Divide – Joseph Gabriel dove split with different body position.
Egg Bag Final Load – Production of a dove as a climax to your egg bag routine, turning the egg into a dove.
Latex Dove –  present latex dove and pull silk from inside of it. Rub and cover latex dove with silk and magically turn it into a real dove with the help of the silk.
Silk To Ball With Dove  (Level 3) – Produce a silk from a flash paper and turn this silk into a dove. Joseph Gabriel Dove split ending.
Slow Vanishing Candle C.Y Ver. (Level 3) – Light a candle and turn lit match into fan of cards. Slowly vanish lit candle into mid air and quickly produce dove into fan of cards. Finish with Joseph Gabriel dove split.
Harness Making & Set Up – Shot at table level, using subtitles, showing you how to make your own dove harness.
Returning To The Table With The Doves In Your Hands.

<Trailer Sequence>
Reverse Fan To Dove (Level 2) – Showing a fan of card, quickly turn these card into a bird.
Smoke to Dove (Level 2) – Instant Dove production while blowing smoke from mouth.
Top Hat to Dove (Level 4) – Placing dove inside of a hat. Turn mouth of bag upside down, and a white silk streamer will fall out instead of the dove. Also remove a long, black cane from the same top hat.

<Body System>
Costume System – Showing a method with subtitles explanation of how to make up your jacket to look natural.
C.Y Pocket System – Showing a method with subtitles of how to prep the pocket that’s holding your dove bags and doves.
Attaching Systems – Showing ideas with subtitles how to attach the pockets and where.
Dove Bag Tip – How to prep silks to attach to your dove bags.

Each effect is marked with a “Level number” to help you put together your own dove act, where you can build from Level 1 to 4. Also, each sequence is broken down to different stages: “Performance” “How to..” or “Making“, “Setup” and “Explanation“. Let’s see what the teaching looks like:

Performance – You will see the actual sequence from the audience perspective, how the “move” is supposed to look. The performance will give you the idea of what you are about to learn.

How to/ Making – Table angle from viewer perspective. Subtitles will guide you to understand the demonstrated setups further.

Set up – Show ready, stand up position from viewers perspective. No subtitles are given, but easy to understand what to do and how to do.

Explanation – Stand up position from viewers perspective. Again, no subtitles are given but easy to understand. Slowly showing the moves and positioning of the hands and props.

I noticed, each sequence is taught starting in a “ready to go” position. When you are going to “build your dove act”, using the “Level 1-4” idea, you still have to figure out how to get from one sequence to the next, so your act flows smoothly, which is not taught on this DVD.

I don’t necessarily agree with the way C.Y is placing the bird inside of the bag (please don’t do that, there are better methods out there to make sure your bird can breath).  Also, the “C.Y Pocket System” is basically the exact same method I came up with when I was about 15 years old. The closing of the pocket system I don’t necessarily agree with, as I don’t believe C.Y would like to open a door with his face.. so why would it be ok to do it with a dove. So, I would recommend that you do your research and choose the best way that works for you and for your dove.


Because there are no proper credits given to the original creators of the dove productions and methods on this DVD, I personally felt the need to correct this mistake. Giving just a QR code is not ok, as I don’t believe every person purchasing this DVD will have the understanding of how to scan a QR code. If C.Y took the time to copy those masters, he should do the same when it’s time for crediting those creators. Therefore, I’ve attached the credits that are given when following the link if you would be able to scan the QR code.

I do know that the Dove Harness and the Instant Dove Production was invented by Shimada (Japan) who has also performed the “Normal Dove Divine” during his act. Joseph Gabriel (USA) took this production to the next level by creating a more dramatic “dove split”. The twin dove production from silk that C.Y calls the “Two dove bag” was famously performed by Channing Pollock beginning in the 1950’s. The “Costume System” and the way of placing the birds into the pocket is similar to Tony Clark’s (USA) method that he teaches on his Unmasked DVD, if I remember correctly. The “Egg sequence” idea of the dove laying an egg is the idea of Johnny Thompson, I believe. I’m also not sure if actual permission was given from the original creators to C.Y to perform, teach, and sell these methods.

(If you have any further information about some of the methods, please do share here with us!)

additional thoughts:

Dove Worker is a theatrical project that is refreshing to see. Most magic products on the market are “pick a card” and “walk around” size magic. This project is for the intermediate dove workers, therefore I think it’s OK not to have verbal instructional guidance throughout the video. It is truly great to have any kind of dove related material in the market, as I remember the lack of dove magic info when I was growing up in Hungary. I had NOTHING to learn from and most of the stuff had to be created with tons of trials and errors. This DVD is really clear and down to the point, no BS, no unnecessary fumbling, or wasting time. Dove Worker will give you plenty of great and visual ideas to get your dove act to a pro level for sure! I would say, even if you are not a dove magician, you should still pick this DVD up! Plenty of interesting ideas and handling are given for you to start building a stage act or pump up your already existing stage performance. If you are a dove magician, I’m pretty sure you already have tons of information to learn from, and I believe, Dove Worker by C.Y will be a jewel of your collection of dove information!


Dove Worker by C.Y
Price: $80.00
Check out online at Murphy’s Magic Shop

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★★ 3/3
Handling ★★★ 3/3
Instructions ★★☆ 2/3

Thank you for reading! You can let me know your thoughts in the comment box below and if you like to receive email notifications of new magic reviews, subscribe!


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