AmazInk by Sebastien Calbry

This looks too good to be true!

Visual ink effect by Sebastien Calbry, AmazInk is somewhat similar to his previous creation “Offset“. Sebastien didn’t name his new creation “Offset 2.0” to avoid any confusion, as AmazInk offers a different presentation and more opportunities to play around with!

the packaging::

In a ziplock bag, hidden inside of a paper envelope, you will find your props and gimmicks.

skill level / handling::

Handling of the prop is extremely easy and you will have a number of different options to choose from. The routine choices is absolutely up to you, so you can decide how complicated or simple you’d like to present AmazInk for your audience.

the props / gimmick::

Everything that is promised is included in your package:

  • Badge holder with its lanyard
  • Special card
  • Gimmicks (2x)
  • Business card with link to instructional video

The gimmick is very well made, much thought and work went into it, so you have to do very little to get it show ready.

the instructions::

You can either watch the video or download it (263.9 MB mp4 format) straight to your device, so you can watch it anytime, anywhere for your convenience. In the close to 27 min long instructional video, Sebastien Calbry, will be teaching you everything you need to know about AmazInk. Mr Calbry speaking French with English subtitles. For me, it was a little hard to read, as the words were blending into the background, but pausing the video as needed will fix this issue if you find yourself in the same position. It is a very simple video, but gives you clear instructions. The creator offers really cute routines to help you get started, but be creative! AmazInk can be personalized however you prefer.

video including:

Presentation – intro of the effect
Equipment – what is included
How it works – getting familiar with the props
Preparation of a gimmick – demonstration of how to personalize and set up your AmazInk
Directions – demonstration of different set ups of your gimmick for performance
Movements – demonstration of 4 different ways of handling and revelation
Ideas – different routines with detailed handling

Over all, I really like AmazInk and I do recommend it for everyone, beginner or more advanced performers. It is super easy to use, very impressive to perform and super fun to personalize and create something unique just for yourself! Believe me, you will use this one!

promise vs reality:

yes – A gimmick for multiple effects/ offers multiple possibilities
yes – any writing appear and disappear on the back of a card, inserted into a badge holder
yes – gimmick is fully customizable

AmazInk by Sebastien Calbry
Price: $34.95
Check out online at Murphy’s Magic Shop

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★★ 3/3
Handling ★★★ 3/3
Instructions ★★☆ 2/3

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