MAGIC GIVEAWAY ❥ Winners Announced!

Thank you for everyone who entered the giveaway, subscribed and commented! I’m doing this for you and I’m so happy to be able to gift you! So please, if you have any suggestion about what to review, how to select winners, where to announce next time or whatever comes to your mind, let me know! I would like to make this a fun and informative place for all of you, who love the art of magic and interested learning something new!

I decided to upload the video of me selecting the 3 winners (in case you are not on Snapchat or Instagram (where I originally posted it).


Michael Grinnell – Bare ($35 value)

TylerScottIllusionist – Narcissus & Everlast ($89.9 value)

Ambrosio Romero – Deceive, Praemovo, Luck of the Draw & Chinese Tweezers ($129.95 value)

Special thank you to Murphy’s Magic for making this Giveaway possible! ❤


6 thoughts on “MAGIC GIVEAWAY ❥ Winners Announced!

  1. Congrats to the winners.though didn’t win anything but have to admit,that was a fairest draw possible. You should keep the winner selection like this and always make video of it. A suggestion always try to review items that hasn’t been reviewed by anyone else yet. If you manage to get your hands on off world by JP Vallarino then a review of it wud be awesome. You’ve got a follower from all across Pakistan 🙂


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