This is my time to give back for my readers, subscribers and supporters! 🙂

Watch my new video bellow:

Here are the rules to enter this giveaway:

Step 1: Subscribe to this blog! (TheMagicKit.com)
Step 2: Comment bellow this post OR bellow this youtube video here and let me know your favorite magic effect! It can be anything! A routine, a quick visual effect, whatever you think it’s the most impressive to you!

That’s it! You are automatically entered the giveaway!

This giveaway is open worldwide.
The 3 winners will be announced no later than December 16, 2017.
This giveaway begins December 7, 2017, and ending December 11, 2017 at 11:59PM PST.

Thank you for watching, and good luck!!


11 thoughts on “MAGIC GIVEAWAY ❥ Enter now! (CLOSED)

  1. Hi Katalin!
    Great video!
    Thank you for doing this for the magic community!
    One of my favorites I use is the Ambitious Card!
    Thanks again and take care!

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  2. There are so many effects that’s the ultimate tricks for me. One such t. ck is the perfect square by Jb Dumas and Michael Lam.Its such a visual eye candy that it makes me wanna do and learn Rubik’s cube tricks.
    P.S: I also commented on the YouTube video with username furrukhjamal00 may be some xtra entries for me in the contest :p

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  3. Love your videos…look forward to more! My favorite routine when performed well is the Three Card Monte, plus any well-performed slight of hand 🙂 Thank you so much!

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  4. Well, hello and welcome back, Kat!

    There are plenty of impressive tricks out there. Even though I was always interested in card- and mind-reading tricks, my interest in this art increased since I got (completely) katalinized, THANKS TO YOU! Because I like the manupulation of innocent people (for entertainment), I have to answer with “100th Monkey”.
    Other notable mentions/magicians are: The magician who got invited to a German TV show. He greeted the host, performed one or two tricks and then he asked him and the audience: “Did you guys notice anything unusual?” There was a little detail on him that nobody saw: He changed his shirt (and maybe other parts of his clothing) during his performance and nobody realized this, his tricks were his distraction.
    A few weeks ago, I was also fascinated by a magician and his tutorial video: Sure, it’s a normal practice to use prepared card boxes for tricks, but what he did was amazing and also extremely complicated: He removed the back of his box, glued the first seven cards together, cut the remaining cards to half, put five coins in a secret spot of the box, glued the dog of his neighbout on it, etc.
    I also like Robert Houdin’s “Orange Tree”, the masterpiece of a true genius, the perfect combination of mechanic and magic.

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