Narcissus by Chris Philpott

Bend reality in the most unexpected way!

I have a very hard time explaining the effect of Narcissus! This is something I’ve never seen before. A very intriguing, unique visual effect that will trick the mind of your audience, allowing them discover something mysterious. This Chris Philpott effect is smartly combining classical magic / hypnotism with modern technology in such ways, where the spectator can take the magic with them on their phone. You have to see it to believe it!

Narcissus is Chris Philpott’s closeup version of his previous “100th Monkey principle” that you might have seen on AGT performed by David and Leeman.

props and packaging::

Everything you need to perform Narcissus is included inside your DVD case that you will receive when ordering this awesome effect. 2 DVDs, 12 pieces of 4×6 (inches) printed card stock, specially made for a successful performance, but you can also pick and choose from much more images and options from the DVD as well!

skill level::

Narcissus is not a difficult magic effect to perform, but audience management is needed (be comfortable directing your spectators throughout the routine). It’s very important for you to understand the concept, and also to make your decisions about delivering your story before jumping into showcasing this visual effect.

the gimmick::

The specially printed cards are your gimmicks. The cards you are receiving with your DVDs are printed on thick, high quality paper. 3 cards of the 12 have a fortune teller image on the other side, giving the idea that you are handling a postcard.


One of the DVDs is an hour and half long discussion about all the effects and info about Narcissus. Chris Philpott will exhaust the ideas, options, possibilities, and really, anything you can think of regarding this incredible visual effect. It is a lot of information you will be getting! The 5 routines you will learn are:

• The Fortune Teller / 3 printed cards you will be receiving for this effect. The Fortune Teller transforms her gypsy writing into your prediction (to English), including the selected card! This will be revealed through the spectator’s phone when watching the footage you previously recorded of them.

• Forer Effect / A separate discussion about the psychological phenomenon to understand your presentation clearer.

• Unhypnotized / 2 printed cards you will be receiving for this effect, where you will be performing some bizarre miracle of decluttering your spectator’s mind.

• The Pledge / 2 printed cards you will be receiving for this effect. This routine is a “trust” and “suggestion” presentation, where you can influence someone’s choice in the most innocent way. But if you don’t believe it, there is always proof on their phone!

• I want to see my future / 3 printed cards you will be receiving for this. This is a super fun effect where you will predict someone’s future through the recording of their phone.

• No Art /2 printed cards you will be receiving for this effect. Reveal a secret thought with a spell on someones phone. Bizarre!

• The Spin / A fun little way you can visually manipulate an image on someones locked phone.

The second DVD is containing 139 jpeg images that you can print and use for your performances, and a 65 pages long PDF instructions going through some:

• General Handling

• Closeup Handling

• Stage Handling

• Potential Problems

and more details about the 5 effects I  have mentioned above.

Last thoughts on Narcissus: if you are looking for something that will play on stage as well as during strolling/ closeup situations, that will be different from a “general pick a card, magic-y” performances, you will love this effect. The 5 routines given are just a few “starter kit” ideas that can help you get rolling, but really, Narcissus is an idea that you can bend and mold however you like it! Yes, I recommend this effect!

Narcissus by Chris Philpott
Price: $59.95
Check out online at Murphy’s Magic Shop

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★★ 3/3
Handling ★★★ 3/3
Instructions ★★★ 3/3

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