Everlast by Rafael D’Angelo and Mazentic

An invisible swami writer that will last you a lifetime!

Here is something simple that you will never leave your house without! Everlast [by Rafael D’Angelo and Mazentic] will enable you to perform mentalism up-close, whenever and wherever you want to spook your audience! It’s truly brilliant, simple and 100% foolproof. Read on to learn more!

props and packaging::

The box of Everlast is a sturdy, black paper box with a little handle to help you access your writer, that is carefully protected by the sponge insert in the drawer of the packaging.

skill level::

Everlast is truly an impromptu magic effect where no “special” skill is required. Naturally, you want to play and practice with the ring to get a comfortable handling before you start performing it in front of your audience, but it is super easy to use for a priceless reaction!

the gimmick::

Your gimmick is the specially made ring, that you can wear wherever you go and perform whenever you wish! No previous preparation and nothing to ditch!


Everlast includes not just the gimmick, the great packaging, but also an 11 minute long, well-produced instructional video. Although the gimmick itself is pretty self explanatory, the video will help get you started with a number of ideas! You will learn:

• Number Prediction
• Eraser Revelation
• Ghost Writing
• Tightening the Ring
• Bonus Idea Scribble Revelation

As for a few, last thoughts about Everlast, I would say: be brave! I don’t think you need to concern yourself about angle issues with this one, because there is nothing you need to hide, people don’t know what they are looking for or what is about to happen. I absolutely love this simple, silver band that will not bring up any questions, and the fact you don’t need to replace this swami writer. You are ready to go! Love it!

Everlast by Rafael D’Angelo and Mazentic
Price: $24.95
Check out online at Murphy’s Magic Shop

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★★ 3/3
Handling ★★★ 3/3
Instructions ★★★ 3/3

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