Chinese Tweezers by Mario López

A well though out, visually beautiful, intriguing coin routine for the sleight-of-hand artist

FISM winner, Mario López will share you one of his most brilliant and beautiful creations! If you enjoy, visual magic that is out of the ordinary, and you know who JB Bobo is, keep reading! 🙂


Chinese Tweezers is going to arrive in a paper packaging, containing your props and link to your instructional video.


3 silver coins, a Chinese coin and a tweezer what you are getting by Tango Magic. The silver coins look like they are coming from the streets (not from a party supply store), meaning, they have personality and wear, which I personally enjoy, but if you prefer, you can polish them up to look like “magic coins” if you wish.

skill level::

Intermediate skill is recommended to learn this routine, or if you are serious about learning some new moves with coins, you can give it a go. I wouldn’t say that the handling is difficult, but if you are looking for something easy to do.. this might not be the effect for you.

the gimmick::

The gimmick is your hand(s) and the hours you are willing to put in to learning Chinese Tweezers. Absolutely nothing special included, so it’s up to you how comfortable you are learning and practicing sleight-of-hand.


You can find your 11:32 minute long online instructional video at the link printed on a paper inside the ziplock bag that also holds your props. The link printed inside the packaging itself is a different link, where you can find Tango Magic’s other creations/coin sleights videos.

I would say, Chinese Tweezers is for the intermediate to advanced performers, who are comfortable performing and learning sleight of hand, and therefore I would say that the video itself is easy to understand. You will not learn “in depth details” about “how to handle coins”, instead Mario López will explain to you the moves and his full routine in the one-angle shot video. The video is not well lit, and a bit hard to understand, due to the occasional background noise from the street of the room they are shooting, but I think it’s simple, brilliant and his personality is quite fun. I think you too will enjoy learning this marvelous piece of magic from him!

Chinese Tweezers by Mario López
Price: $49.95
Check out online at Murphy’s Magic Shop

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★★ (3/3)
Handling ★★★ (3/3)
Instructions ★★☆ (2/3)

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