Luck Of The Draw by Liam Montier

 “With these ordinary objects, you can create something extraordinary!”

One product, Six routines, Three Hundred Tickets, Unlimited Possibilities! This is “Luck of the draw”!


If you are big on recycling, you will love the packaging of “Luck of the Draw”, as the packaging IS the prop you will be using during your performances. I absolutely love the idea of “natural” looking props during demonstrations, instead of rainbow or sparkly looking magic props. Unless you are going for “the Liberace style”, you will enjoy using the provided packaging.


You will be receiving three hundred raffle tickets, a booklet of easy to understand and fresh ideas of Six different routines that you can perform easily, and of course the packaging, which is your force bag.

skill level::

This wonderful idea is one of those routines where no “special” skill is required, and as long as you are comfortable being in front of people, you are good to go! Just like my previous review, Luck of the Draw is also the type of magic where professionals can create very powerful effects, because the sky is the limit!

the gimmick::

Your gimmick is the bag and tickets you are receiving! I love that you can perform this routine twice in a row for the same crowd, and the outcome will be different. Very quick setup (if any) and you are good to go. I also love that you can hand out the bag and props for examination during and after the routine! Also, when you purchase Luck of The Draw, there are no refills that need to be purchased, as long as you take care of these props, you are good to go for years!


Your instructional booklet includes the link for your online videos (4:37 and 9:20), where Liam will talk you through one of his favorite routines “Pyrite” and give you additional tips and ideas about handling, prep, and audience management. In my opinion, Luck of the Draw is a bargain! You will receive natural looking items where you can either follow any of his routine ideas or just come up with your own, but bottom line is: you are ready to go! Nothing over complicated, nothing to hook-up, memorize, or cut and glue! Simplicity is the key to genius, and Liam certainly has it!

Luck of the Draw by Liam Montier
Price: $25
Check out online at Murphy’s Magic Shop

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★★ (3/3)
Handling ★★★ (3/3)
Instructions ★★★ (3/3)

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