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Deceive by SansMinds Creative Lab

Incredible effect that you can touch!

Here is the new effect I received from Murphy’s Magic Supplies to review: “Deceive” by SansMinds Creative Lab is an incredibly visual and impossible looking ‘in the spectator’s hand card change’.

Make sure you check out the official trailer for this effect, because these reviews are about my opinions, not the product’s full description or performances. 🙂
Let’s go!


You will receive a disc when purchasing this effect and some material for creating your gimmick.


You will receive the materials needed to create your gimmick for any deck of cards that you wish to perform with. The materials are for one gimmick, but no worries, you can’t mess it up! It took me 40 minutes to create mine.

skill level::

I feel that Deceive is a great effect for anyone who is familiar with audience handling. You don’t even have to be a professional card worker, because detailed explanation of card handling is given in this dvd and I’m pretty sure you can learn those very easily.

the instructional video::

On your 40 minute long video, a man named Herman will guide you through the making of the Deceive gimmick, card sleights and routines as well. You will find::

  • Introduction
  • Live Performance (edited, street performance footage)
  • Secret Section (showing built gimmick, demonstrating effect)
  • Gimmick Construction (introducing some tools you will need, making of your gimmick)
  • Preparation (setup ideas)
  • Main Handling (how to perform the effect, tips, detailed explanation about step-by-step handling)
  • Alternative Handling (playing card to money handling)
  • Tips (mindset, performance ideas)
  • Final Thoughts (practice, suggestions and stay tuned)


  • Swing Cut
  • Pinky Break
  • Double Undercut
  • Double Lift

I have to tell you, I do enjoy SansMinds’ Deceive. If you are crafty or you have a friend who knows about detailed precision, using some basic tools, you would have no problem creating the gimmick. You don’t have to be a “professional card worker” to pull off this effect, because basic handling is given on this DVD.. and honestly, I don’t believe this effect needs more complicated handling. I believe, the simple the better, and this routine is certainly that. Deceive is about the visual change that happens in your spectator’s hand, not about how fancy you can handle a deck of cards. You should be very comfortable managing your audience, be aware of your surroundings, suggestions (script), and you should be good to go.

The amount of time that went into the professional footage, ideas, explanations are worth the price, and some info (if you didn’t already have that knowledge) you’ll be using for future projects for sure. I do recommend however, to play around with different tools and options about making the gimmick. Because I feel, there are other ways to make it look better and cleaner. Just a suggestion.

Deceive by SansMinds Creative Lab
Price: $25
Check out online at Murphy’s Magic Shop

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★★ (3/3)
Handling ★★★ (3/3)
Instructions ★★☆ (2/3)

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