Praemovo by Alan Rorrison

A powerful animation effect that lasts for a second but will be remembered forever..

“Praemovo” by Alan Rorrison is a “moving ink effect for the modern performer”. Just imagine, creating an impromptu magical moment anytime, anywhere for your friends with using only your phone, and a dry erase marker.

Make sure you check out the official trailer for this effect, because these reviews are about my opinions, not the product’s full description or performances. 🙂
Let’s go!


You will receive a disc when purchasing this effect and material for creating your gimmick.


You will receive the materials needed to create your gimmick for “lighter colored backed” phones. This material will be enough to make plenty of trial and errors, and to create plenty of different ideas for the image to float.

skill level::

Praemovo routine is not for the beginner. In my opinion, you need to be very comfortable pulling this off (in front of your audience), for the moves to be flawless and always correct. Unfortunately, there are “no ways out” for this effect (meaning, if something goes wrong, there is only your previous years of experience performing magic in front of people to determine how to get away from it without people realizing, something went wrong.) That is why I’m recommending this wonderful visual for TV projects, where you can control your surroundings. However, this does not mean, you cannot do it! Give it a go, and build it into your strolling or closeup routine if you wish! I would do it for my closeup show.. but probably not for strolling. But that’s just me.

the instructional video::

On your 30 minute long video, a man named Herman will guide you through the learning of Praemovo. You will find::

  • Introduction (describing the effect)
  • Live Performance (same video you can view online)
  • Secret Section (brief, edited video revealing the secret for moving ink effect)
  • Preparation (suggestions about the images you want to animate, about the right sizes for the gimmick, and talking about how to create the gimmick)
  • Handling (setting up your gimmick, tips, detailed explanation about step by step handling)
  • Final Thoughts (thank you and asking feedback of this routine)

One of the “ingredients” you are receiving and is used for making your gimmick (I believe) is for someone who is an advanced magician; meaning there are no details about handling, storing, traveling etc. about this “ingredient”, giving the impression, you should already have this knowledge (or you are looking for long hours of trial and error, and / or purchasing / researching more information about that “ingredient”).

The “get ready” and “reset” suggestions for strolling performance are unrealistic to me. I searched the net, and only found 3 videos where this effect is demonstrated (only one in front of an actual audience), but all were already in the position to perform the effect. Therefore, I might not be the only one having difficulty about the “just needs to be practiced” suggestion from Herman.

HOWEVER, if you are creative and crafty (even if you are a beginner) who is serious about getting as much knowledge and experience as possible, I recommend you checking out! You will find the idea ingenious, and will trigger your creativity for sure!

Praemovo by Alan Rorrison
Price: $30
Check out online at Murphy’s Magic Shop

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★★ (3/3)
Handling ★☆☆ (1/3)
Instructions ★★☆ (2/3)

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