REM by Dave Forrest

If you are looking for a solid 10 minute closeup routine that is built on the imagination of your audience and will bend the reality of time.. you just found it.


Sure, any magician can find your card in various entertaining ways. Pick a card, shuffle it back into the deck.. it’s all great, but let’s be real here. The audience will always know you are going to find their chosen card one way or the other. That’s no surprise. But, how about performing a solid, 10 minute closeup routine where you, the magician, seemingly do absolutely nothing, but instead your audience will make their choices and use their imagination to describe your dream. The dream they have imagined is now actually printed out and sitting on the table from the very beginning of the routine. No switches, no multiple outs.. Now, that is magic! Oh, and it will fool magicians. 🙂

Make sure you check out the official trailer for this effect, because these reviews are about my opinions, not the product’s full description or performances. 🙂
Let’s go!


You will receive a disc when purchasing this effect.


Your DVD will contain printable images and all information to learn this multi-phase prediction effect.

skill level::

REM is an easy to perform card routine with basic handling that I believe anyone can master, however because of the complexity of the routine, I recommend it either for professionals or beginners who are ready to take their close-up show to the next level.



the instructional video::

You will learn from the step-by-step instructional video taught by Dave Forrest all the info you need in order to master REM. Every move, every detail is thoroughly explained in the 58 minute video. You can also find different artworks to choose from and to print out “your dream” image.

REM by Dave Forrest
Price: $30
Check out online at Murphy’s Magic Shop

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★★ (3/3)
Handling ★★★ (3/3)
Instructions ★★★ (3/3)

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