Multitude by Vincent Hedan and System 6

Endless possibilities with one deck of cards!


Hello! Thank you for reading my new blog! I’ve written about a mind-reading effect and a card routine already, but today I will show you Multitude, a special deck of cards in the hands of Vincent Hedan performing and teaching self-working miracles that you can learn as well! Make sure you check out the official trailer for this effect, because these reviews are about my opinions, not the product’s full description or performances. 🙂
Let’s go!


Your deck of cards and disc will arrive inside of a paper box.


You will receive a special deck of bicycle cards (your choice of blue or red… or both) and a DVD.


skill level::

Because Multitude is based on a special deck of cards, as long as you learn and are comfortable handling this deck, you are set to go. No memorization (aside from your personal patter and the steps of your chosen routine) 🙂 are required and nothing sneaky to hide. Check out the performance video of this product and notice that your audience can handle and shuffle the cards. Nothing sticky, weird or magnetic 🙂 I wish I had Multitude when I was a beginner magician, performing similar effects that you can now easily learn with this special deck. Vincent Hedan will save you time and work, teaching you what appears to be amazing sleight-of-hand magic with very little effort. With Multitude, you can focus on your performance instead of sweating over the difficult moves, allowing you to improv and play with your audience! I suggest Multitude for both beginners and professionals, you’ll be happy with the simplicity, the quality, and you can add it to your repertoire right away!


the instructional video::

Vincent Hedan himself will perform and teach you 12 effects on the video portion of the dvd. He will explain all you need to know about the handling and correcting mistakes, even demonstrating slow motion explanations of some moves. You can also refer to the 77 (!!) page long PDF file (also on the disc you will receive) where you can learn even more routines and study handling with the help of easy-to-understand illustrations. On the 70+minute long video, you can basically learn Vincent Hedan’s years of hard work and field-tested routines, as well as, he will give credit about the originality of this 100 year old principle, giving you the opportunity to dig deeper, and learn more about this method, if you choose.

Multitude (DVD & Gimmicks) by Vincent Hedan and System 6
Price: $39.95
Check out online at Murphy’s Magic Shop

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★★ (3/3)
Handling ★★★ (3/3)
Instructions ★★★ (3/3)

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