X-Ray by Rasmus Magic

If you are looking for an easy to learn, easy to perform, yet simply powerful mentalism effect, than you just found it!


Hello and welcome to my new blog and my very first review! In this post I’m going to write about a wonderful magic item  called X-Ray by Rasmus Magic, which is a “supernatural” effect that anyone can learn in a very short time. I have friends who are hobbyist magicians and I can tell you for sure, this trick is something that they will be able to learn in a very short (!!) time and the props are great quality, so let’s get started!


Props are coming in a tin can, including everything you need. It’s sturdy, reusable and great for travel.


You will receive (besides the tin can packaging) a very nicely made black velvet bag. It’s sturdy, high quality fabric, and should last you for many years. You will find 4 hard white balls and 1 hard black ball. You will receive 2 gimmicks that you can alter, if you wish, for your liking and a card that shows you the pass for downloading the instructional video for learning this effect.


skill level::

I often disagree when I see magic being advertised as “beginner level” or “no skill required” because most of the time, it’s not true. BUT, I must say, this effect CAN be learned very easily, even for a beginner!

the gimmick::

Besides practicing it front of the mirror and on your friends, I would say this effect is ready to go. Certainly, you can create different props or presentations if you wish, but for the price, as is.. it’s ready to go. Nothing to glue, nothing to prep, just set and go!


You can download the 30 minute instructional video through Murphy’s website, where you can learn all the information about the gimmick and props. There is a brief description on how the methods (which hand and kurotsuke) work. You will learn how to customize your gimmick and also view a “studio performance” of the routines. Rasmus will teach you and demonstrate how to perform with other objects besides/instead of the balls and he will show you great tips on handling as well. I missed the psychology behind the effects and would have loved learning more about Rasmus’ performing choices. I think that would have been helpful for beginners as well.

X-Ray by Rasmus Magic
Price: $49.95
Check out online at Murphy’s Magic Shop

Kat Rates:

Quality ★★★ (3/3)
Handling ★★★ (3/3)
Instructions ★★☆ (2/3)

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